Tritium Vials and Hobby Parts for Key Fobs

Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen mostly formed by the interaction between the atmosphere and cosmic rays which are high-speed energy particles coming from the outer space of the solar system.  As such, it is rare to find a naturally occurring tritium on earth. However, it can be chemically produced by illuminating lithium metal in a nuclear reactor. Tritium is used in creating nuclear weapons to enhance the effectiveness and produce fission bombs, in the fission stages of hydrogen bomb boosting and in external neutron initiators for nuclear weapons.  Electrons emitted as a result of radioactive decay of tritium cause the phosphorous in beta lights to glow and generate a self-powered lighting. This mechanism in beta lights is used in tritium lanterns, watches, map lights, knives, firearm night sights, tritium necklaces, markers and other devices to produce light. It is used as a neutron initiator where tritium ions and deuterium ions are driven to produce energy which directs the two chemicals in a metal target where they are absorbed as hydrides. The fusion neutron generated from the fusion will then be emitted in different directions and induce a nuclear chain reaction. Before ignition, a small quantity of tritium-deuterium gas is inserted into a hollow pit of uranium. The fission chain reaction resulting from the gas will generate high-speed energy and heat that will eventually explode outwards in the process of boosting. A nuclear reaction between lithium, tritium, and deuterium forms solid lithium deuteride, the high-speed energy resulting from the fusion process is used in multi-stage hydrogen bombs. Also, it is used in analytical chemistry as a radiolabel.

Tritium Vials

Tritium illumination does not need any electrical source whether externally or internally and it is why it is widely used in vials. One of the tritium vials is the hands of wristwatches that are used underwater, during the night or in combat where they can be exposed to extreme environments. Glowing novelty tritium keychains use tritium light illumination, and there exist signs which have the self-illuminating property given by tritium. The military mostly uses the tritium vials as sources of light in compasses, sights for weapons and instrument dials in aircraft. Some flashlights contain slits of tritium vials which makes it easy to find flashlights in the dark.

Tritium Brightness
Colors: Pink, Green, Ice-Blue, Yellow, Blue, White, Red, Orange, Purple

Tritium Brightness by Colour

The phosphor compound used to produce tritium light can be prepared to be used in a way that it can be able to produce different light colors. Some colors include red, yellow, green blue, white, orange and purple. The light produced by Gaseous tritium light sources (GTLS) comes in different colors; however, green is the brightest color of all while white is the least bright color. When GTLS are used, the larger ones are found in green colors however when smaller ones are used, they will be brighter than the bigger ones, and they are mostly used in commercial key chains for sale.

Brightness Chart

Tritium Keychains

Tritium key chains come in different colors. They can be attached on at any time that you find convenient enough that you will be able to find in the dark quickly. They contain key rings with which you can clip in between very many things from a backpack zipper and a pocket tool to a flashlight. Tritium key chains will not need you to keep buying batteries after every month to give them life because they will glow for many years without requiring you to recharge them. Tritium keychains will continue glowing and serving you for as long as ten years down the line. You can buy tritium keychains of different colors of your choice. This way you can quickly identify objects by their colors from your car keys and your house keys to your office keys. Tritium keychains are for sale in retail stores all across the world; they are the perfect way to color coordinate your items in a cost effective way.

Various models of keychains

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